LightBar - LED Screen Lamp

LightBar - LED Screen Lamp

LightBar - LED Screen Lamp

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Take the burden off your eyes when behind the screen

Improper lighting causes fatigue and damage to your sight just after a few hours behind the screen. LightBar creates the optimal amount of light you need to work properly!

Place it directly on top of your screen and adjust the exact lighting you need when working. LightBar doesn’t flicker or glare at your screen to help your eyes from being damaged!

Each of the three light modes highlights your workspace nicely so everything you need is in sight. Make use of every hour in front of your computer without eye fatigue setting in!

Why LightBar is for you

Work without fatigue- LightBar emits smoothly to avoid screen glare and direct exposure to your eyes so the light never tires your vision!

Illuminate your workspace- Brighten up your surroundings to keep working efficiently and easy during the night time!

In tone with your environment- Choose between the three color temperatures to sync the lighting with your most comfortable pick!

LightBar is the ultimate choice- Bring smooth lighting to your workspace so you never burden your eyes when sitting behind your screen.

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